The Politics Of The United States

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Our politicians are being bribed to influence what laws are being made in this country at a federal level. Due to the current situation in American politics corruption has become an accepted form of conducting business in the political world. “Since the implication of citizen’s united in 2010 we have seen a dramatic turn in the direction of politics” (Silver). This is because now, any donor is allowed to contribute undisclosed amounts to any political campaign. The argument against this is that the politician running the campaign will feel the need to return the favor to the donor once they are in office. Statistics show this to be true. According to a twenty-year study done by Northwestern University this is true, in fact the study found that “only the top ten percent of earners in America are represented adequately by congress” (Silver). The citizen’s united case was a case that reached the Supreme Court in 2010. It stated that “any corporation or individual could donate any amount of money, undisclosed, to the campaign of their choosing” (Silver). The argument on this side was that a donor has the right to donate any amount of money due to freedom of speech. However, not everybody has millions of dollars to contribute, so not everybody has equal speech under this ruling. The unequal representation of people in this country affects each of us because not everyone gets a say. This leads to the population with less income having a disadvantage in the political atmosphere as

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