The Politics Of The United States

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The American government was unique at the time of its founding because it brought back the idea of democracy, which had been a form of government almost non-existent since the Roman Empire. The idea of democracy is simple: citizens participate in politics through voting. This didn’t apply to all citizens; only white male landowners were allowed to vote until the Jacksonian era, when it was expanded to almost all white males. It wasn’t until 1920 that both men and women, black and white could vote -theoretically at least. Even then, America’s democracy isn’t entirely democratic. The reason why America hasn’t reached an ideal democracy, where every citizen gets one vote, and the candidate with more votes wins, is the Electoral College. The Electoral College was put into place to make the voting process more efficient, but has the consequence of isolating the Presidency from the population. The framers of the Constitution believed the American people couldn’t be trusted with electing the President, which may have been true given the education levels of many citizens, and the lack of quick-responding media. Some people may still think the American population isn’t smart enough to elect their own President, but looking at America in an elitist manner undermines the intelligence of the average citizens. I believe Americans can make the right choice for President. If our government doesn’t believe that the public can make good choices with elected officials, they should question

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