The Politics Of The United States

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No doubt today in the world the US government is seen as the one to beat in terms of an organized government system. Even other members of the G8 look up to the USA highly for political advice. Different policies, rules and regulations have been put in place since its inception and no matter where you find yourself in the chain of power you dare not disobey them. The history of the current government philosophy would shock many, as two political colleagues who propounded several theories still followed word for word till date, were torn apart by their different political structural views. Popularly known as the rivalry that forged a nation, the battle between Jefferson and Hamilton. When George Washington gave his farewell address (1796) he warned that the creation of political factions, “sharpened by the spirit of revenge,” would most certainly lead to “formal and permanent despotism’’. So it came as a surprise when his two wingmen Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were the ones who proved his warnings to be true. The two political diplomats set up a dual political party system still used in today’s democracy. Most historians claim though George Washington had warned of this, it was inevitable. Some may refer to it as a form of the Hegelian dialect.
During the fight for independence both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson both played vital roles in realizing America’s liberal dreams. The two would later cross paths when they were employed as part of the

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