The Politics Stream Consists Of Three Elements

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The politics stream consists of three elements: national mood, pressure group campaigns, and administrative or legislative turnover. The politics stream consists of the factors that influence agendas or the policy process. The national mood refers to the idea that a fairly large majority of a country tends to think along common lines, although this mood can fluctuate from time to time. This mood of the nation can also be termed as the political climate. Government officials monitor public opinion polls to estimate the amount of change in national mood, and then use this information to act on their agenda or to diminish the success of others agenda. Often time’s politicians formulate the balance of support and opposition for a certain issue in order to determine the chances of an issue to rise or fail in the policy process. Lastly the administrative or legislative turnover has a significant influence on politics. The turnover of personal signifies a want or need for change within the administration. The whole purpose of political elections and government is to act on the will of the people. The combination of national mood and turnover in government has the most powerful effect on agendas. These three elements of agenda setting operate independently, although overlaps between the processes do occur. Successful agenda setting requires that the three streams be joined together at critical moments.
These critical moments are called “policy windows” and Kingdon defines them as,
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