The Politics of Campaign Finance Essay

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From the very first elections held in the United States, there has always been a strong link between money and politics. During the first elections in the late 1700’s you had to be a white male landowner over the age of 21 in order to vote, meaning that you had to have money in order to have your vote counted. It seems today that we cannot go a day with out seeing campaign finance in the media, whether or not it is through advertisements for politicians in the media or asked to donate money to help let your favorite candidate win. Because campaign finance has always been on the back burner of political issues, there has hardly been any change to the large influence money has over the election process and politicians. While money has it’s…show more content…
During his campaign McKinley supported the Gold Standard, encouraged the minority groups to maintain their unique cultural differences within the larger societies and launched a new way of campaign advertisement that lead him to victory.

Of course this would not have been at all possible if it were not for his campaign leader Mark Hanna. Through the leadership of Mark Hanna, McKinley was able to forge alliances with big businessmen, prosperous farmers and professions making his campaign budget out to be about 3.5 million dollars causing his campaign to be the most expensive of its time. With the discovery of the large amount of money spent on McKinley’s campaign several progressive politicians and muckraking journalists accused the wealthy donors of corrupting the electoral process and alleged that the donors were being fed special handouts and favors as a result of donating their money. However, these cries were ignored until the 1904 political elections that lead to the beginning of the organized progress for campaign finance reform. (Morgan, 2003)

During Theodor Roosevelt’s presidential campaign he was accused of
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