Essay on The Politics of Jimmy Carter

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Jimmy Carter
The United States has had several different presidents of which have been in office for 8 years because they have been re-elected by us the citizens. The story of James Earl Carter Jr. or better known as President Jimmy Carter, as every other president the United States has had is different. Jimmy Carter was in office as president of the United States of America for four years only. He was president from 1977 through 1981; during this time period many different event occurred.
President Jimmy Carter was born October 1924 in a little town called Plains located in Georgia. As a young boy, he grew up in Archery a little nearby community and Jimmy Carter was drawn into farming just the same way his father James Earl
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When this occurred, his career was about to begin. He took over his father’s farms, while in company of his wife they activated the Carter’s Warehouse. This warehouse was a company for seed and farm supply. By doing so, he gained power and became a strong leader of his community in Georgia. Jimmy Carter attended county boards supervising education and having authority of the hospital and library made him popular. When he realized his popularity and his appreciation for his community he decided to run for the senate of his state and as expected, Jimmy Carter won election to the Georgia Senate in 1962.
As the years passed and passed, he kept gaining confidence of his power and of his love of politics. Although he lost his first gubernational campaign in 1966, he was successful in January 12, 1971 becoming Georgia’s seventy sixth governor. When he became governor, Jimmy Carter emphasized ecology, efficiency in government, and being able to remove all the racial barriers.
Jimmy Carter believed in equal rights and the fact that many American citizens were racist to other cultures was something he really disliked. Like he quoted once “We Become not a melting pot, but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams”. He knew that there wasn’t a reason on why being rude and disrespectful to other people. Because of that, he emphasized the fact that he wanted racial barriers to be removed. Although he did
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