The Pollution Of Fossil Fuels

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The world is currently run on decayed plants and animals that have been transformed into crude oil, coal, and natural gas, by exposure to heat and pressure over millions of years. These materials are known today as fossil fuels, and they produce 84% of all energy created in the United States (Suplee 2014). Although these sources are extensively used, they have a limited supply, eventually they will run out. Even with new extraction methods such as fracking and offshore drilling the deposits of fossil fuels in the world will diminish because of the extreme rate at which they are being used. There is much speculation as to when the Earth will be sucked dry, but whether it’s 10 years from now or 1000, the threat still looms. However, there is a much greater problem fossil fuels pose that already affects everyone today. The burning of crude oil, coal, and natural gas to create energy cause pollution that affects the atmosphere, the water, and the health of everyone. The smog that comes from the smokestacks at power plants fills the air with more carbon dioxide than nature can balance out. This excess carbon dioxide interferes with the atmosphere and pokes holes in the ozone which is the major cause of global warming. Over the next 100 years it is likely the global temperature will rise by 11 degrees (Suplee 2014). Not only are temperatures rising but the emissions are mixing with rainwater creating acid rain. This mixture of water and toxins pollutes water which harms trees,
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