The Pollution Of Water Pollution

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Fresh Water Pollution

In this paper I will discuss one of the world’s problems which is the pollution of the Fresh Water Systems in the United States. I will show how the pollution of fresh water affects land, air and plant life to include humanity. When water is polluted it can affect all living things. Some of the human activities that can be affected is the drinking water, without fresh drinking water humans would not be able to survive. One of the pleasures that humans enjoy is swimming although humans can swim in the oceans some enjoy lakes and if the lakes are polluted then that activity would not be able to be performed. Also without fresh water much there would be lost of sea life and those who rely on fishing as a way of life would be out of resources to provide for their families. Water pollution is a global problem it is reported that more than 1,030327 deaths occur from dirty water diseases. Dirty water is considered to be one of human’s greatest dangers. Dirty water contains organisms which are called pathogens; these pathogens contain bacteria, viruses and parasitic organisms. What these organisms do is infect humans which cause illness. Some of the illness that can be caused by polluted water is Typhoid which is an infectious bacterial; this causes fever with an outbreak of red spots on the chest and abdomen and severe gastral irritation. Another illness is Cholera which is infectious and is a fatal

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