The Polo Shirt, The Smell Of Season Steak Sizzling On The Cooker

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Peanuts scattered throughout the restaurant floor; the smell of season steak sizzling on the cooker. I can never get enough of Roadhouse grill food or my position as a hostess dressed and khakis with a white polo shirt, and black slippery proof shoes. The country music play in the background while I greet incoming customers, “welcome to roadhouse grill! How many are in your party?” I always wear a smile because everyone I work with including my boss are polite and entertaining. It was a crazy coincidence when I discovered that my college lover, Dustin worked at the restaurant as well. Word spread fast to my boss then laughed over it. “It will be 2 of us now and the other guy coming soon,” the older Spanish guy with the beard replies. As I walked the men to their table, I make small talk to everyone who comes in as I normally do and make jokes to cheer them. It seems as though the Spanish men were in some type of construction work clothing because their polo shirt has a company logo and small words above the chest area, blue jeans and steel toe boots that have cement powder on them. It is not normal to see men of this race in a restaurant like this and with company logo on. In Biloxi, Mississippi and Lucedale, Mississippi there are only Mexicans, who did field work or did odd jobs. I noticed one of the men-obviously old enough to be my grandfather-take interest in me by flirting. A southerner never is rude unless forced to be, so I laughed and smiled not giving too much…

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