The Polson Diner Analysis

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For years, Glen Slater has run the Polson Diner. However, he was a socially enigma. Grumpy and gruff, people gave him a wide berth whenever he was out of the kitchen. Only one person was able to see past his exterior, but even Gina Lawson didn’t know the story behind why he was the way he was. After he dealt with his past one snowy day, the Mayor of Polson spied him as she too was dealing with her own. Victoria Jennings had been watching Glen over time. She knew there had to be a reason he kept society at arms-length. There was something that tugged at her heart and drew her to him. Snowed in after Glen took her home, Victoria was drawn to the real man under the hard exterior. Glen was drawn to her also, although at first, both were
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