The Pond Is Healthy Or Unclean Essay

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Introduction ~ Throughout the course of about a week,the 9th grade class at CEEC took samples of the pond at UNCC for an experiment to determine whether or not if the pond is in a safe or in a harmful environment and if the pond is healthy or unclean. University of North Carolina-Charlotte and its health is an important factor to the survival of the animals around it. North Carolina is a southern US state with landscape ranging from the atlantic ocean to the appalachian mountains. Charlotte is the state largest city it is home to the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and the Nascar Hall of Fame UNCC’s campus has a early college program named the Charlotte Engineering Early College, with a pond located to the left of CEEC.This pond is the home to many animals such as fish, ducks, tadpoles, canadian geese, turtles, and cattail, and is a source of water for the university. In order to be able to use this water, the pond health must be healthy. However, what makes a pond really healthy?
Pond health is determined by its pH levels, its levels of biodiversity, its dissolved oxygen levels, its temperature,its range of tolerance, its air temperature, and its amount of nitrogen. In order for a pond to be healthy it must have the correct amount of each on of these things.
One significant factor to pond health is pH. pH stands for hydrogen of power, which is the measurement of the hydrogen ion in the experiment you have to complete. pH is normally scaled of based off of whether it is basic
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