The Pontic And Anatolian Genocide

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Genocide is the mass killing of a certain group of people. The Greeks, also known as the Pontic and Anatolian Greeks, were victims to a mass killing ordered by the Ottoman Empire during World War I. The Ottomans established their empire in Anatolia otherwise known as the Asia Minor, and the Asia Minor is present day Turkey. The Ottomans had first conquered the Greeks in Anatolia, but the conquered Greeks with the help of Great Powers were able to overthrow the Ottomans and establish their own state. Their “Greek State” was established along the Balkan Peninsula, but most of the Greeks still inhabited Anatolia where the Ottomans still ruled. Since the Ottomans felt humiliated about the Greek victory, they went on a revenge tour against the Anatolians and caused a genocide. The Ottomans ordered for the mass killing of Greek civilians in the Asia Minor because of difference in religious beliefs and to get revenge. The main reasons as to why the Ottomans ordered for the mass killing of Anatolians are difference in religious belief, revenge, and the fear of the Greeks helping enemy countries during World War II. The Ottomans or the Turks main religion was Islam. We have seen many genocides and wars due to difference in religion like The Crusades, The Holocaust, and The Armenian genocides. The Anatolian Genocide is just like the The Crusades because the two main religions at battle were Islam and Christianity. The Ottomans were very strong in their belief in Islam and the

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