The Pony Express

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In 1860, a mail carrying service called Central Overland California and Pike 's Peak Express Company, although notorious as The Pony Express, was established by three business partners. It was a relay race on horses from station to station, carrying mail bags as they went. Being a dangerous job, it required the bravest and most experienced riders they could find. The founding of The Pony Express was a useful resource in delivering mail regardless of the struggles the riders faced, such as, Indians, weather conditions, and uncomfortable and dangerous terrain. Even though this was a short-lived creation, soon to be replaced by the Pacific Telegraph Line which provided faster communication, it was a brave, worthy, and effective effort.…show more content…
Whether anyone ever knew who originated the idea to bring this service to America is anyone 's guess, and simply remains as a matter of personal opinion. "However, it was William H. Russell, and U.S. Senator William Gwen who actually discussed and put The Pony Express into operation" (The Founders n.d.). Three business partners named William B. Waddell, Alexander Majors, and William H. Russell are the founders of The Pony Express. "Personable, sophisticated, and politically astute, Russell went to Washington, D.C., to represent Russell, Majors and Waddell in the complex world of national politics. Majors, who was at home on the prairie and knew how to handle horses, oxen, heavy wagons, and unruly crews, managed the operation on the open range. The low-key, practical Waddell oversaw purchasing, hiring, payroll, and bookkeeping from the home office, which moved from Leavenworth, Kansas (where the company had been headquartered since 1855), to St. Joseph, Missouri, the eastern starting point for the Pony Express" (Di Certo n.d.). And though the start of this service would be a grand success, the Indians, amongst other things as well, became a great struggle. The Indians attacked because they felt, well, threatened. They felt that the United States had overstepped their bounds, literally. Americans were coming and chopping down trees, trespassing on what the Indians claimed to be their territory and homeland. Many buffalo were killed by
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