The Pony Express

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The Pony Express was an extremely important event in history for three profoundly reasons. All together, it helped the farther east states to keep in contact with the West with all the news of what was happening, important documents, and sometimes small packages and family letters that were being sent from different states. It helped for new and more improved ideas of how could the spreading of news could be spread faster and safer. The good reason of keeping all the states in contact with all the others is because families moved or members of a family moved to further states for jobs. Travelers went in search for wealth and land and with the California Gold Rush people went to get a better life. But with the rush to go find gold, that left many people in need to know what was going and if their love ones found anything and what documents are being passed because of the California Gold rush. Especially when California became a state it put extreme pressure upon the citizens, business, and all miners alike for electing U.S government representatives. Furthermore people wanted to keep in touch with their friends, family, and companies. As the tremendous threat of the Civil War about to break out and the Southern states rebelling because of the refusing to give up slavery and with other things causing the Civil War to happen. It opened up the eyes of many companies. Some seen what could become of their success if the Civil War did happen and the companies wanted a way

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