The Pony Express : The Sled Express

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The Pony Express The Pony Express was an extremely important event in history for three profoundly reasons. All together, it helped the farther east states to keep in contact with the West with all the news of what was happening, important documents, and sometimes small packages and family letters that were being sent from different states. It helped for new and more improved ideas of how could the spreading of news could be spread faster and safer. The good reason of keeping all the states in contact with all the others is because families moved or members of a family moved to further states for jobs. Travelers went in search for wealth and land and with the California Gold Rush people went to get a better life. But with the…show more content…
Also with the many complaints of people pressured some businessmen to find a temporal way at least to keep the East and West connected. It took awhile for something to be passed, but eventually the idea of the Pony Express came to action and things started to settle down a bit. Without it, the U.S might have not have been united, even to this day. With the time passing by of life, so did ideas. All the changing ideas of a faster way to spread communication did bring the end of the Pony Express. The postal service was pressured to the need of a faster way to spread news. That required a major adjustment which just could not happen since they were limited on horses, men, food, money, and stations. They couldn’t even rely on good weather all the time so this brought the Pony Express to shutting it down for the most advanced technology period which was about ready to happen with the telephone.
As men discovered the existence of a sound of a voice that could travel on a wire and to how far the wire is. This and with the thought of the internet ended the Pony Express. With the telephone now in business sending by voice such as news, documents, bills, and needs of other things. They are now nothing with the internet in success which can do all that plus more and can be done for free and is received in just a second.
In the midst of the 1800s, as individuals
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