The Poor Corporate Culture At Lazier Industries

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LAZIER INDUSTRIES August 2015 Shaun Branam Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Analysis 5 Conclusions and Recommendations 9 Bibliography 11 Executive Summary The problem in the case is the poor corporate culture at Lazier Industries. Although the company is performing well, there is dissent amongst managers, VP’s and employees which is spreading rapidly. The underlying issue is Bob Lazier who has not done a good job demonstrating his vision for the company and implementing a corporate culture that complements this vision. Therefore, in this analysis it will be recommended that Bob implement not only performance metrics that measure employee satisfaction such as quarterly surveys but also implement rewards such as employee of the month in order to increase morale. Further, LI will look to invest in its employees in order to increase productivity in the long run. Introduction The first object Bob Lazier undertook as the new CEO of Lazier Industries, was to implement a strategic plan that focused on introducing several new products which could be cross-sold to LI’s existing customer base. As a strong believer in the company and it’s potential to broaden its offerings Bob was looking to leverage the strong relationships built with its clients to sell additional lines of components. However, since being placed as the new CEO, a lot of organizational

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