The Poor Patient A High Cost Medicine

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People from the well-off family get the services from many private hospitals and clinics. The poor people have no alternative when they get sick. They usually rush to the government hospitals. The services rendered by the government hospitals are far away from the rural poor of Bangladesh. They cannot avail the services from the hospitals for the corruption of health sectors. Most of the medicine and other services goes at the hand of a specific group of people with the help of the doctors, nurses and staff, of the hospital. Even the poor patient cannot afford the beds in the hospitals for their corruption. Patients don’t get proper advice and service from the doctors. Doctors are more sincere in their private practice. They prescribe the poor patient a high cost medicine produced by a specific company and advice unnecessary test from selected pathology test centers. In any cases they provoke them to get admission In private hospitals or clinics by giving assurance proper care since they take compliments from them. It produces the annual excessive cost in family. From a report it is found that the families who take the services from the Government hospitals, they spend Taka 1250 core more than the usual cost in each year (tlB, 2002). Due to the shortages of hospital beds and other equipments, patients are discharged from the hospital earfier than their full recovery. Since they do not continue their treatment after1 discharge from the hospital, they again attack by their
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