The Poor Performance Of Euro Disney

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1) From the Case Study, we can see that many different factors came together and contributed to the poor performance of Euro Disney during its first year. The primary reason for the failure in its first year was its high cost as EuroDisney was charging 280 Dollars to enjoy the attractions of the park and the hotel was charging prices comparable to the most luxurious hotels in Paris. In addition the airfares were cheaper to Disneyworld in Florida with guaranteed good weather. The Disney executives also made a major mistake in understanding and researching the French and European culture. The French people rejected the, thru Disney imposed, American culture because they just introduced American cartoon characters and did not look after the French eating and living behaviors. Disney saw Europe as one big target group, although the cultures in Europe are extremely distinct and independent. EuroDisney also failed meet the French people through their advertisement. Rather than promoting the theme park and its attractions itself, they focused more on the size and glamour behind it. The Disneyland in Hong Kong also faced different problems. First of all the Chinese people were not familiar with the Disney characters as they were banned for over 40 years in China. Also it just offered a few rides, compared to other Disney Worlds, so customers were not highly interested in visiting it. But it performed better as it included a lot of Chinese culture. I came to the conclusion that the

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