The Pop Culture And Existential Psychology Essay

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This paper is finding the pop culture that is related to existential psychology. I have watched the movie one day this time around in last year. It was the movie that my best friend recommended to watch, so I was watching at my friend’s house. I had no idea at the time what this movie was about except I guessed it will be a romantic movie since the photo or the poster (not sure with the exact term for it) on the DVD was a woman and a man kissing each other. So, here is the brief summary of this movie. Emma Morely who Anne Hathaway played and Dexter Mayhew played Jim Sturgess are the main characters. Don’t watch it if you are not a fan of Anne Hathaway. Emma and Dexter met at Emma’s college graduation for the first time. Dexter was a friend of Emma’s. On the day that they first met, Dexter and Emma tried to have a sex but they didn’t and became friends. After the night spend together, Dexter and Emma only meet up on once a year on July 15th for 23 years. So, that makes them to only see each other 23 times in whole entire movie. Emma wanted to be an author but she failed to be one. Dexter was born in the rich family so, he was always traveling and always dating and drinking and having sex with the girls. As Emma failed to become an author, Dexter became a popular TV star and earned much money and fame. Although Emma was in love with Dexter, there was no romantic relationship developed between them. While Dexter is still addicted with alcohol, and drugs he visited his mom who
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