The Pops Cafe Websites And Evaluates Various Aspect Of The Business

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This paper explores the POPS Diner websites and evaluates various aspect of the business has to offer. Backus (2015) shows expansion of POPS and provision kitchen in Nichols Hills. This paper evaluates different types of ratios discussed by Ebert, R., & Griffin, R. (2013) that can be used by POPS Diner such as Solvency ratio, activity ratio and the budget. This paper discusses POPS management to benefit from use of profitability by Lane, M. (2015) from Business finance online. POPS Diner is an ultra-modern gas station, restaurant, shake shop, convenience store, and event venue along historic route 66 located in Arcadia, just northeast of Oklahoma City. A 66-foot soda pop bottle and weighs over 4 tons makes POPS an instant iconic landmark destination. POPS primary revenue generation is through selling soda pops, over 600 ice cold sodas and beverages such as over 80 varieties of root beer or 50 flavors of cream soda. POPS gas station has futuristic fuel pump with colossal canopy protecting customers from sun, rain, etc. POPS restaurant offers best burger and fries at lunch and dinner with full menu breakfast on weekend only. POPS shake shop offers 10 flavors of shakes daily made with hand dipped blue bell ice cream. POPS gift shop with unique souvenirs and super cool merchandise all year around. POPSmart is convenient shop for the basic essential for road trip. (Route66, “About POPS”). An internal financial statement would help POPS Diner planning, controlling and

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