The Popul Vuh: The Mayan Creation Myth

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In the myth of Popul Vuh the book sheds light on what Mayans believed the way creation came about. Popul Vuh is the legacy of Mayan culture that consists of the creation of the Maya, a civilization of people that dates back to 1000 A.D. in Mesoamerica. When comparing the Mayan creation myth to the Greek classic creation myth, there are very few similarities. Greek creation tells the tale of how the earth was created, as well as the heavens. Greek creation method also highly focuses on the creation of the gods themselves. In the Mayan creation myth, the Gods attempt to create a race of humans to do little more than worship them, but to develop a culture. The Mayan creation myth is accounted for in the story of Popul Vuh. In the book it says that god’s came together to create Earth, after they created Earth the God’s created animals who were designed to name the Gods that created them as well as praise them. The animals they created could not praise them so the Gods banished the animals into the forests. The Gods then decided to try and make humans. The first endeavor to create humans the Gods used mud. Though after they were created the humans turned out to be unsuccessful and quickly dissolved into water. Since the humans could not walk, talk, or procreate, the Gods disassembled them and got rid of this attempt using it as just a thought. Later the Gods tried to create humans again and this time the God's decided to use wood. This time the humans were silent and emotionless

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