The Popular Cultural Phenomenon Of The TV Crime Drama

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The popular cultural phenomenon of the television crime drama exists due to society’s innate curiosity of the unknown. Crime, criminal justice systems, and the actors within present a dark and largely hidden subculture of society that few people, in a nonfictional context, can view. Crime is of an interest to society as it can affect any person at any time and can create and sustain fear, real or otherwise. This paper examines the discussions surrounding TV crime dramas as a popular cultural phenomenon and whether they are just entertainment or a means to social and political messaging. This paper will add to the discourse on TV crime drama as a medium, whether true or not, that softens the blow of crime by reassuring citizens that good will triumph over evil. Before participating in the current discourse, this paper will begin by considering the origins of the genre. Discussion Television crime dramas, as a popular cultural genre, provide mass entertainment that meets the needs of escapism and wishful thinking between fictional and nonfictional environments for the viewer. TV crime dramas embrace the ideal safe society, where good trumps evil regardless of the challenges and realities faced by a criminal justice system. This medium also, may or may not provide messaging that educates and guides people on how to be good social actors. Within the production and consumption of this textual medium evidence may exist that reveals the entrenchment of society’s beliefs about
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