The Popular Culture And The Theory Of Pop Culture

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I believe that the phenomenon of greeting banners by communities and families is a kind of pop culture. Popular culture or pop culture is a kind of phenomena that becomes mainstreams in a certain culture, in this case the culture of Balinese people. Balinese people take a new form of the way they deliver their Hari raya greeting, that is through banner and it somehow become popular and mainstreams. So what the importance of studying or doing research about pop culture is to find out the underplaying assumption, the power behind the pop culture and the moral, attitude and philosophical construct of the society that implement the pop culture. From it, we can get a better understanding about how that certain society works and how their perception and behavior are shaped by the pop culture. One of the theories of pop culture study is the theory of mass society.…show more content…
What people think about something and what are their attitude of a certain mater is an important aspect of their life in approaching and solving problems. Basically, it is about how they face the world and how their behavior can influence their own well being and the society. In a study about innovation, Robert Sternberg state that creativity is, in large part, a decision that people make. He studies the thinking processes that distinguish creative people and highlights attitudes that help spark creativity and stimulate innovation. Understanding the creativity of people in a society in expressing things and solving their problem may help researcher to assess and answer their inquiry needs as well as promoting something that may improve their welfare. So as I state before, understanding the phenomenon of greeting banner may help us to develop other similar strategies or phenomenon for other good purposes, like for example, rising awareness of the more important

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