The Popularity Of British Football

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British football is definitely one of the most hit sports in the world. Besides, the highly competitive structures of football competitions in Britain, including promotions, inter club transfers and ownership transfers has allowed its fan base around the world to keep growing. Its charm has attracted not only football followers around the world, but also the local and international buyers. More importantly, English football clubs are still very good in making money out of the game. According to a report from Deloitte 's sports business group, English football clubs have earned combined revenue of 2.98 billion Euros (Choudhury, 2016). The popularity of British Football clubs is very large, as well as the whole football culture in the…show more content…
By the year 1871, 50 clubs had become the members of the football association. In 1872, the first football competition in the world was initiated as FA Cup. In the same year, Great Britain made it first international football match between England and Scotland. By the year 1888, the first league championship was on the move. The rapid rise of organised football gave a start to the development of professionalism and speculation in the sport. The popularity of the sport also influenced its spread outside the country; therefore other European countries also started forming their football associations. This ultimately led to the consistent development of international football community (, 2016).
Opposite to the fact that England has been historically dominant in football, the England national football team has won the World Cup only once in 1966. Also, in terms of national football team, the United Kingdom is not represented as one team. Instead, all the countries in the UK – England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales – have their own football teams (, 2014).
Despite the failure of the national team of the home country of football, Britain has generated one of the most dominated and the most unpredictable football leagues, English Premier League, and many of the best football clubs not only in the entire Europe but also in the world. The English Premier League (EPL), also called as
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