The Popularity Of Celebrity Endorsements

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When we turn on the TV or flip through a magazine, surf the Internet or scroll through Twitter, it is impossible to consume media without seeing a celebrity plugging, promoting or pushing a product. This is not new. Celebrity endorsements have been around for a long time. We live in a celebrity-fixated world where celebrity endorsements have become common practice for advertisers, marketers and PR professionals. They provide brand recognition, create buzz and help drive sales. Since the early 20th century, radio programs had brand sponsors, and hosts grew to be associated with their sponsor’s products. In the decades that followed, we started to see movie and television stars appearing in endorsements for tobacco brands, athletes appearing on the front of Wheaties boxes, and even Hunter PR’s own client, Jell-O, in partnership with Bill Cosby - one of the longest spokesperson relationships in history dating back to 1974. Celebrity endorsements as we’ve known them are undergoing a transformation, from one-and-done deals to more authentic, long-term and immersive relationships. The traditional approach of hiring one spokesperson for one branded effort has allowed brands to generate a quick level of awareness and meet campaign reach goals. If done correctly, borrowing the equity of a celebrity’s image lends a brand instant clout – whether simply through their social media channels or a more robust relationship filled with media support and brand advocacy. As relationships
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