The Popularity Of Cloud Computing

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ABSTRACT Popularity of cloud computing has made many of our lives easier. As the popularity of this technology is growing so are the demands from the consumers of the technology. This has lead to inter-cloud operations. Interoperability of clouds is facing many obstacles and need for standardization of specifications. Though there are a couple of standard specifications none have been widely accepted. This report has made an effort to show the possibility of using next generation overlay networks (NGSON) for an efficient interoperability of clouds, keeping the standardized specifications given by the IEEE SA. INTRODUCTION Rackspace is a cloud computing company that works on computing technology which, relies on sharing computing…show more content…
There are many industry projects on the standardization of cloud interoperability but none of them have become a widely accepted standard. The next generation service overlay network (NGSON) has its functional architecture defined in IEEE P1903 standard. This architecture provides a framework and essential functions to support IP-based service overlay networks. The functional entities (FEs) of NGSON can support dynamic and static service types, which may be in different domains. Also, the FEs support dynamic routing, delivery of services and content [2]. Thus, NGSON can support cloud wherein NGSON provides uniform routing, delivery and composition for clouds that would be regarded as services. Furthermore, the authentication functionality of NGSON could be used for secure interoperation of multiple clouds. This report makes an effort to describe how NGSON can be used for inter-cloud operations with due importance given to authentication, routing, transfer of contents and composition of services. The report is organized as follows. The background of the technologies, research growth along with standard references is provided in the ‘state of the art’ section followed by ‘research application’ section which focuses on ways the technology helps us achieve our goal. A case scenario is presented to analyze the results. The results of this section help us to write the ethical
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