The Popularity Of Fast Casual Dining

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A question that is asked every day is what do we want to eat? This question has many different answers; but some answers everyone would agree with is something fast, cheap, and good quality. This is the market that fast casual has been dominating over the years, and a market that seems to be on the rise for the foreseeable future. Whether it is a concept created by an unknown player in the industry, or a Michelin Star chef, the fast casual concept’s rising popularity is still at the beginning of its revolution. History shows that the concept of fast casual dining is not new. According to Erin DeJesus of “The expansion-happy Wolfgang Puck launched his chain Wolfgang Puck Express back in 1991, before the term "fast-casual"…show more content…
The largest fast casual chain in the world is Panera Bread, with Chipotle trailing at a close second place. These two brands have not only represented this growing industry, but inspired many other concepts trying to replicate the success that they have achieved. The prosperity achieved by Panera and Chipotle have encouraged many world famous chefs to try and create their own concepts. In her article, DeJesus talks about how two Michelin-starred chef Joshua Skenes is partnering with Adam Flieschman of Unami Burger to introduce a fast casual Chinese noodle concept called Fat Noodle. Here guests will be able to dine on the recipes of Joshua Skenes for $6-10 per meal. So now we have high quality chefs who want to dive into this industry by creating a fast-fine casual restaurant. These restaurants can be characterized by their quality of food, speed of service, as well as their price point. According to Ethan Stowell, the chef 's approach to product and the guest 's experience is where the fine-dining sensibility can make the biggest impact on a fast-casual restaurant. "I don 't think they are much different than running higher-end places," he says of the fast-casual market. "The goals are still the same. The goals are have somebody come in to have a good time, try to offer them good value for what they get.
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