The Popularity Of Healthy Food And Poor Nutrition

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As the popularity of healthy eating and wellness increase, so does poorer nutrition in the consumer. “Over thirty-five percent of adults and almost seventeen percent of children and adolescents are obese in the United States alone.” (Pomeranz, 2013) With the increasing importance placed on healthy living and nutrition in America it raises the question, Why do so many people face diseases related to poor nutrition? Several factors are thought to be attributes to the correlation of the consumer’s perception of healthy food and poor nutrition. The most significant factor being the proliferation of claims on food packaging that gives a misleading picture of a products healthfulness. “Current food labeling practices include both actual misbranding and permissible but potentially misleading claims about the healthfulness of processed and non-processed foods.” (Pomeranz, 2013) Recent trends in marketing have shown an increased focus on naturalness claims on products with the hope of a higher consumer perception of naturalness. With the increase of concerns over health and wellness, consumers increasingly demand healthier and natural products. “Recognizing the desire of consumers to demand natural products, companies explore the opportunity to exploit and build upon the idea of naturalness, and make it a point of differentiation in the marketplace.” (Lunard & Saintives, 2013) With such confusing food labels that undermine public health, How is it that the government allows such
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