The Popularity Of Popular Culture

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Rashed Noorzaye September 21, 2014 Ms. Brown American popular culture Popular culture is made by the mainstream to influencing minds to like something. It describes the life style and tastes of the majority of mostly younger people. Some random popular culture these past few years would be; The Hunger Games, dubstep, raving, Illuminati theories, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Gucci, Polo, and these are just a few things from popular culture these past years. Popular culture affected me in many ways. I would say comic books and super hero movies impacted me the most. Being grown with my mom and dad buying me Marvel comic books and for most times DC comic books as well. With movies coming out like Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and many more. In my opinion I would say the Hero phase is the most popular trend. I say it’s the most popular because society looks up to these people and want to help people out or whatever impact it has on them. Another thing from popular culture that I like is the music from the 90’s. Hip-hop back then was real and ignorant. 90’s rap music has been my favorite since I was young . But now a days rap music is just for the audiences that are young. I been involved with almost anything in our culture . Games have been a big one too. Nintendo has set a lot of trends in the world. They showed up and brought up real entertainment. It doesn’t matter how old you are too , you can still play those video games, read comic books, watch movies, and tell those
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