The Popularity Of Tumblr

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Ever since its release in 2007, Tumblr has risen in popularity amongst other social media websites. Tumblr's increasing popularity could be attributed to the anonymity it grants to the bloggers in the form of "pseudonyms" (Freitas) and the many applications they could utilize. The most used features happen to be reblogging, tagging, and using the search engine. Reblogging is where a post could be shared by different accounts through the original blogs followers or someone who found it in Tumblr's database through the search engine. It could be used to spread an important message or to show a user's interest on their own blog. Tagging could be employed to organize content on a user's blog or to bring a particular person's attention to a…show more content…
If a blog someone is following follows them as well that means they become 'mutuals' and could be considered as friends. Most mutuals communicate with each other about their shared interest. Of course, Tumblr users still have to be wary of befriending other bloggers and display caution when attempting to communicate with these strangers. Distinctive communities in Tumblr are called fandoms. Fandoms could be anything from post about generally aesthetically pleasing imagery or incredibly specific, such as gothic architecture in Italy. These communities commonly have group chat forums so they could confer on their favorite aspects on the fandom or even share important information. The most influential contributors to fandoms, as seen by the fandom community, are artist and fanfiction authors who provide free content that other bloggers desire to see. Although some artist' and authors take commissions, formal request' for drawings or stories by the requester’s specifications, from bloggers in exchange for money are usually made through PayPal or other equivalent online platforms. Businesses could also exploit Tumblr's design to their advantage so as to advertise their products and services to a wide variety of audiences. Many stores and other competitive websites, such as Barnes n' Noble or Zulily, have a blog to post about their latest items in stock or their best-selling products. The large and diverse groups of Tumblr blogs allow for these businesses
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