The Popularity of Green Parties Essay

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The Popularity of Green Parties Today in Europe, the abundance of environmental issues in the forefront of popular debate is at an all time high, and rightly so, more stress is being placed on resolving these issues before it is too late. Now more than ever, the people of Europe are standing up and taking responsibility for their problems and looking for ways to solve them before the damage done becomes irreversible. It would be logical therefore to presume that due to this increasing importance of environmental issues in Europe that the Green Parties in Europe should prosper greatly. However in reality the success of the Green Parties in Europe has been severely hindered. Although it can be said…show more content…
The first key determinant in the success of the Green Parties is in the political structure of the state, and the electoral system. The Green Party is a minor party, and thus its representation in parliament depends on the way in which representation is gained. If for example a state has a clear two-party system, then evidently it will be almost impossible for any minor party to gain any level of representation, let alone a sizeable one. In Italy, there is a system of proportional representation, where the number of seats that a party is set to gain is directly linked to the number of votes it receives. In Italy all of the six hundred and thirty seats in the legislature are elected through the Additional Member System. This is a proportionally representative system that benefits the smaller parties. This is due to the fact that the number of seats available directly reflects the number of votes received, then the smaller parties such as the Green Parties will receive the appropriate level of representation. By contrast, France uses a non-proportional system known as a Second Ballot Majority Runoff. Due to the non-proportionality of this system, smaller parties such
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