The Popularity of John Constable's Paintings "Dedhame Vale" and "The Hay Wain"

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John Constable was a 19th century English Romantic painter. Constable is known best for his landscape paintings, he believed that his paintings should come right from nature instead of imagination. He made hundreds of outdoor oil sketches, he was said to be his happiest when painting places he knew well. His landscapes were usually of the area surrounding his home that he lived in while growing up. which is now locally referred as "Constable Country". Constable was influenced by dutch artist, Jacob Van Ruisdael. John's most famous paintings were "Dedhame Vale" and "The Hay Wain" his realism and vitality make his works very original. John Constable's paintings are now very popular in British art, however in his life-time they were not very popular in England, he only found success in France. John had four very strong styles of painting which were usage of light, type of brushstroke, and composition. His usage of light really separated himself from other artist in history, he found a way to make his paintings look more realistic by adding red and green together in his trees for example. That specific color addition was never seen before him and really caught the eye of people in his time. He had a impressive natural brushstroke which in The Royal Academy wasn't very popular. Only later after his passing was his technique actually appreciated and became a normal use. Lastly his composition, he loved to paint exactly what he saw in front of him, he rarely used realism in his

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