The Popularity of Preschool and Headstart Programs

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“About seventy five percent of the nation’s four year old attend a preschool center, as do fifty percent of three year olds.” (Barnett, 2008, page 3). Preschool has long been though to shape a child’s academic life, putting a child ahead of the curve in kindergarten and leading them into a successful school career. The primary reason for attending preschool in past decades was the known benefits of socialization, but preschool has changed a lot over the years putting much more emphasis on cognitive development. Gone are the days when children only focused on colors, shapes, and numbers. Today’s preschoolers are learning music and second languages. Questions still remain about how successful these programs are when it comes to preparing children for their future academic careers. This paper will examine the known advantages and disadvantages of sending a child off to preschool as well as what qualities a preschool should have.
Quality of Care Research has shown that the true benefits of preschool programs are heavily dependent upon the setting and environment in which the learning is taking place. Choosing the correct school is crucial for proper learning and development in preschool aged children. In order to obtain successful outcomes preschools and other types of head start programs should be of high quality, meaning they have experienced teacher…
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