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The Popularity of Seinfeld Add a dash Elaine, a spoonful of Jerry, a pinch of George, and handful of Kramer and you end up with a perfectly seasoned spicy sitcom that Americans just can not get enough of. Seinfeld, featuring the hilarious stand up comedian Jerry Seinfeld himself, is dear to many of our hearts and the show plays an essential part in satisfying our constant quest for humor. The show focuses on real life situations and problems such as romance, friends, careers, and adventures that everyone can relate to. I believe that Seinfeld is attractive to most people for a variety of reasons. For these reasons the shows success was inevitable. Each of the characters has it's own unique personality and by using this formula…show more content…
Jerry's contribution to the fearsome four is as important as the peanut butter in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's great by itself, but even better with its complements. His character appeals to the sensible and laid back audience because they can relate. However, the complete opposite types swoon over him because they envy the qualities that they would like to possess. I would have to say that Jerry is mostly responsible for the shows immediate fame and without him Seinfeld just wouldn't be Seinfeld. Jason Alexander, who plays George, has a unique combination of traits that make him irresistibly hilarious. He pulls off the sympathetic and charming sort while other times he's purely devious and radical. He plays Jerry's sidekick and together they foolishly run around New York City like kids in a candy store. Jason also has his share of accomplishments such as two Emmy nominations, a Golden Globe nomination and two American Comedy Awards for best supporting actor in a television series. George portrays the baldheaded stingy mastermind who's always stirring up trouble and brewing up schemes to make him look cooler than we all know he really is. His tendency to become easily red faced and throw random tantrums captures viewer's attention. Because of George's love/hate relationship with his friends he is always a focal point for the show. His short,
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