The Popularity of Social Media Marketing Among Businesses of All Sizes

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Evaluate the reasons Social Media Marketing has become exceedingly popular among businesses of all sizes Social media marketing is the use of the online communities, social networks and blog marketing where companies seek to engage with their customers via online platforms. This mode of marketing is growing at a considerable pace explaining why many companies and businesses of all sizes are adopting the style (Neti, 2011). Trust and goodwill is the core in social networking and by marketing in the realm of social media; businesses need to adhere to these fundamental qualities. In addition, this marketing encourages fool proof communication and accountability among business people both the sellers and consumers (Neti, 2011). For instance, businesses have recognized the potentiality of social media marketing and utilized them with advancements to power their advertisement campaign with social media marketing. Many people globally use the internet regularly; therefore, the World Wide Web has altered communication with people on a social level and workers, directors, and customers in the professional field (Neti, 2011). In addition, the internet through the social media is a source of interaction that uses highly accessible and scalable publishing. The social media use technologies to create an interactive platform between consumers and companies (Neti, 2011). On top of that, the internet has revolutionized the way of doing business and the appeal it has to its consumers

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