The Popularization Of The Radical Right Emerges From The

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The popularization of the radical right emerges from the domination of social, economic and political institutions that produces knowledge and information throughout the United Kingdom. This enables the elite class to obtain the power to systematically erase various narratives that challenge the suppression and structural control by the state. The rise of thatcherism originated from the political and economic control propelled by the elite class who imposed a dominant ideology that sustained the movement of the radical right, in the time of severe political instability from World War II. The conservative political elites who wanted to sustain the production of capitalism utilized the economic and political imbalances to promote an agenda…show more content…
Thatcher had the ability to alter power relations throughout the country and allow for the development of authoritarian populism to be prominent and accepted as the dominant political ideology. Hall contextualizes the development and expansion of the radical right and the ways in which to understand these political motives. Hall notes how the radical right “has to be understood in direct relation to alternative political formations attempting to occupy and command the same space. It is engaged in a struggle for hegemony, within the dominant bloc, against both social democracy and the moderate wing of it’s own party” (Hall, 16). Thus, the radical right is accumulating massive power during this critical time in the history of the United Kingdom where social democracy and conservatism are clashing while there is a crisis of capital around the world. Within this context, the power of the right gained momentum from the socialization of the dominant narrative through the use of education, media forces and the power of the economy controlling politics. By normalizing functions of the economic state and the imbalance of political hierarchies, this enables hegemony to justify the status quo and makes the ruling class invisible as they are manipulating power structures to benefit themselves as well as to maintain their power and privilege. Nonetheless, hegemony can be seen as imperial

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