The Population Of Bluefin Tuna

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The population of Bluefin Tuna has been dramatically declining over the past few decades with no expectation of slowing down. Bluefin Tuna are a very important species of fish because they are one of the top predators in the ocean and if they become extinct the balance of the ocean’s ecosystem would be off. The classification of Bluefin Tuna includes a few different types, all of which are endangered and it is estimated that they will soon become extinct. The categorization of each type of Bluefin Tuna species is based on geographical location although the exact number varies from 3-8. Although there are still significant number of Bluefin tuna in the ocean, the demand for the fish has increased dramatically with no sign of decreasing. This demand has caused new and harmful fishing methods to be created. They have become incredibly popular in sushi as well as other food and for this reason the population has declined; however, there are methods that could be used in order to prevent the species from becoming extinct.
Analyzing the change in fishing practices and a change in the fish that are caught might explain this change. Due to the fact that the spawning process causes fish to stay in shallow waters and closer to land, they are more likely to be caught at this time. For this reason the age that they are at during the spawning period would indicate what age they usually are when they are caught. “The estimated age structure of fish caught by the Indonesian fleet
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