The Population Of Egypt's Capital

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The population of Egypt’s capital, Cairo, consists of an estimated 86,730,000 citizens. Arabic is the official language of this Islamic religion region. The banks of the Nile is where most of the citizens of Egypt choose to reside; with an estimate of five thousand persons per square mile. The remaining two-fifths of Egypt population are urbanized. The trend of the younger generation’s accompanying these areas range in ages fifteen to thirty years, with one third under fifteen and three fifths under thirty. Egypt instituted a national family planning program in 1964 to reduce their bulging population, and by 1990 the birth rate was lowered. With improvement in health care, infant mortality was reduced, and the average
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Due to Egypt urban housing shortage, intensity has grown with more migration of rural residents moving into urban areas. Factors that Impact Health
Egypt exposure to chemical toxins from fuel and auto exhaust as well as, poor water and sewage systems, impacts the health of the Egyptians, causing diseases and increase risks of cancer. Compulsory vaccination against smallpox, diphtheria, tuberculosis, and poliomyelitis is enforced for all infants during their first two years. Schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease that is widespread among the rural population, presents a serious health problem. At least one fifth of Egyptians is infected with this disease, and is listed as the number one health problem. This problem remains because of the social habits of washing, drinking and urinating in the Nile River.
All health centers offer treatment against it, but reinfection can easily occur. Epidemics of malaria have been eliminated, but the disease still exists mainly in southern Egypt. Concerns and precautionary measures are taken for risk of Hepatitis A, Typhoid; Tetanus, Rabies and Diphtheria. Some increased incidents of hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease are on the rise and HIV/AIDS risks are low. Recent reports of H5N1 strain of avian influenza detected resulted in sixty deaths. Significant efforts have been made to promote preventive medicine.

Description of Health System
Egypt has a universal healthcare system,
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