The Population Of Japan And Its Effects On The Present Leading Into The Future

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An investigation to the declining population in Japan and its effects in the present leading into the future

Edwin Wu
Social/ Cultural Anthropology
Candidate number: 001092-0028
Word Count: 3692

Table of Contents
Abstract- 3
Introduction- 4 Research Question Implications and Limitations
Analysis -5
Demographic trend
Eating Habits
Economic and Labor Growth
Celibacy Syndrome & Women in the labor force
Conclusion - 15
Works Cited / Bibliography-16

Abstract The investigation is to analyze the different contributing factors on the demographic change in Japan entering into the 21st century. Given that Japan is one of the most prominent countries in the world socially, culturally, and economically, its population is on a decline. Like many developed countries, many of them are following the same trend. Developing countries on the other hand have birth rates that still continue to go up. The concern is on how a declining birth rate in Japan is so severe. With a death rate higher than the birth rate contributes to a declining population that has never been seen before in its society. As of today, the Japan has one of the largest economies and populations in the world. But despite efforts in preventing population decline, the trend still continues. Japan is going through a two-sided scenario where not only does it have a declining birth rate it also has
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