The Population of the Wild Hog is Exploding

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It is being seen more often in neighborhoods more than ever. The wild hog population is currently exploding. These animals get up to 400 pounds with 6 in long razor sharp teeth. They also have a thick hide and a armor like plating called a shield around their chest area. They are destroying Americas agriculture industry as well as peoples property. By digging their snouts into the earth and flipping it up to eat plant roots. This is called rooting. A group of hogs can root and destroy several acres of crops or land in a single night.
Wild hogs were first introduced to America by the Spanish as a domestic animal used for meat. Over time these animals escaped and began free ranging and breeding. They quickly became wild. In the 1930's owners of ranches introduced Russian boars to be shot in game preserves. These Russian boars grow much larger, are more aggressive and have larger, sharper teeth. When they escaped, cross breeding occurred that introduced the genes that gave America the hybrid feral swine they have today. These animals are not only a threat to the economy but they are also a threat to people, other wildlife and the native land. Wild hog carry several diseases such as pseudorabies, swine brucellosis, bovine tuberculosis, FADs, African swine…

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