The Pork Impact On Economy And Consumption

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Maechel Ramos
GEO 509
Ryerson University
Fall 2016
November 14, 2016


This paper will explore the pork impact on economy and consumption.

Pork Production
Many meats that are eaten today comes from domestic animal including pork, which is derived from the animal pig. Due to the increasing demand, improvement in pig breeding technologies in the last ten years have resulted the commodity of pig production into a high-input, high-output industry (Food and Agriculture Organization, 2016). Pork has become the leading meat consumption all around the world thus accounting for over 36% intake as followed by poultry and beef (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States, 2014). Pork’s global production is recorded to a 111 million tons. According to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foreign Agriculture Service (2016), the top ten pork producing countries are as listed from the largest to the smallest production respectively: (1) China, (2) European Union, (3) United States, (4) Brazil, (5) Russia, (6) Vietnam, (7) Canada, (8) Philippines, (9) Mexico and (10) Japan. A map below has been placed to show the top 10 pork production in the world that illustrates each countries thousand metric-tonnes of pork production in 2016.

Figure 1

On 2016 China has produced 53,500 thousand metric tonnes. Although, China’s pork production has decreased in the previous years, they are expected to recover and expand in 2017
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