The Porsche Automotive Group Firm

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The Porsche Automotive Group firm has been considered to be a benchmark of precision within the market for decades. According to Henderson & Reavis (2009), “By 2007, Porsche had become the world’s most financially profitable automaker on an annual per unit basis.” They then go on to mention, “This is especially impressive when considering that Porsche produces over 100,000 vehicles annually.” From Porsche’s inception their focus has been place on the finer points of engineering. Sense the 1930s this firm has been translating their expertise of engineering into the esthetic design of their vehicles. The quality and performance that Porsche has become known for has caused the public and private industries to consider their vehicles to…show more content…
According to Henderson & Reavis (2009), “Per unit produced, Porsche records an average of $91,974, and by 2007 their annual income capped at $9.4 billion on revenue of $10 billion.” With this growth it must be mentioned that the firm has experience some down points. For example, in the mid-1990s due to poor production processes and a recession in the United, which seriously affect sales nearly pushed Porsche Automotive Group into bankruptcy. In the end this led to a time when the firm was vulnerable to takeover. Another such time would be in 2008 when the firm’s business integrity would come into question due to their actions surrounding the failed takeover of their former sub-division VW.

Porsche Automotive primarily specialized in luxury and sport models. The first vehicle produced by a Porsche subsidiary was the pre-runner to the VW Beetle, the VW Type 60. The firm’s leading models during the post-World War 11 (WW2), era were the 550 Spyder, 904-6 GTS, and 911 Turbo in 1955, 1964, and 1975 respectively. In more current years following the appointment of former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Wendelin Wiedeking Porsche’s forerunning model is the 2004 Carrera GT (Porsche Holding GmbH., 2016).

In the automotive industry there is no shortage of competition. The major competitors of Porsche Automotive Group are many. For example, the competitors range from General Motors Corporation and Ford Motor Company in the
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