The Portal of Rouen Cathedral Light.

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Art 2 The piece I chose was “The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light,” painted by French artist Claude Monet in 1894. The medium Monet chose for this piece was oil on a 100.3 by 65.1 cm canvas. This Rouen Cathedral itself is a Roman Catholic cathedral that is located in northwestern France, and was something Monet found interesting enough to paint while his stay in France. The Rouen Cathedral was a one of the few paintings that caught my eyes, as it is very unique. I instantly knew the medium that was chosen was oil paint as it had a bit of texture due to the layering, as well as a slight glaze. Another reason why I found this piece so interesting, and what makes it so beautiful, is that Monet captured the cathedral in an…show more content…
The principles of design used in this piece are variety, as well as balance, dominance, and harmony. The contrast of the shades of blue and glazes of pale yellow here and there create the most obvious contrast in the piece, as these two colors are complementary colors on the color wheel; this contrast captures the audience’s eyes. In terms of balance, this piece is asymmetrical because it is not identical on both sides. Instead, this piece is unequal when it comes to its proportion and overall picture. Harmony is present in the repeated shades of blue and pale yellow. There is also harmony in the repeated texture that is present throughout. Also, we can see dominance in the cathedral that is present as it occupies most of the canvas and is therefore what stands out; Monet really emphasizes the cathedral. Overall, Monet’s piece is well designed because it is able to capture your attention. The hues he chose really captures the quiet, yet upcoming warmth of the sun that is present in the morning when the sun is starting to rise. His portrayal of the cathedral on the canvas is very abstract, making it unconventional and unique. Therefore, I think his work is very well designed. Monet was an Impressionist, meaning he was interested in capturing things in the moment. The story behind this piece was that in 1892, Monet set up a studio in a hotel across from the Rouen Cathedral. Seeing the cathedral every day, day in and day out, he decided to paint a

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