The Portman Hotel – Case Study Essay

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Portman Hotel was built with the intent of being a 5 star hotel that provided superior service to its guests. This superior service centered around a business plan that was based on Asian standards of hospitality. The Portman Hotel executives were committed to keeping both their guest and employees happy. The vision that would separate The Portman from the competition was “personal valets” (PVs). These PVs were responsible to every need of a guest. This included everything from cleaning and restocking the rooms, to more personalized services like pressing the guest’s clothes, preparing the guest’s drinks, or drawing a guest’s bath. As long the requests from the guests were legal and moral it was the PVs…show more content…
The Portman must use that commitment to engage the new recruits and design a performance management system that will sustain engaged PV’s at the Portman.
In order to engage the employees the Portman must be dedicated to a performance management system. This cannot be the “system of the month” that simply creates hype for a time and then fades away, as they experienced with the 5-Star system. The hotel must set goals, monitor and evaluate these goals, provide feedback and create a reward and recognition program. (Krasner, 244). With the introduction of the 5-Star Program, the Portman relied on the PV’s to participate in the problem solving for the hotel. The Portman should again rely on the employees with the establishment of a performance management system by using a Management by Objectives system. This type of system would incorporate participation from the employees for decision making, goal setting and objective feedback (Kreitner, 246). This program should begin with the strategic plan of the hotel and then set goals for employees that will align with the hotels organizational objective. These goals should be set using the SMART method (Kreitner, 248). Once the goals are set, management must get commitment from the staff that they believe these goals are attainable and that they believe in why they are pursuing these goals. If the Portman uses staff to set these goals, commitment will be easier to
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