The Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man Analysis

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AP English Essay #1 September 12, 2011 All readers can learn something from Literature. It is purposeful and has a further meaning then the reader gets right after reading. It takes time to really understand and appreciate the work. The author has meaning for what he or she writes, and may not always demonstrate it clearly; but in the end the author reveals the tools necessary to understand the purpose of everything and all the hard work they put into the book. Each person has a set values and his or her own beliefs. Religion is one part of someone’s belief system. It can really define who someone is and their life, depending on how devoted to their church he or she is. Other people can struggle with the subject of religion…show more content…
He already knew he was different form the other kids, in that he didn’t want to play games; he wanted to meet the real world, and that is really what his soul wanted. By meeting the world, he would be “transformed” into something or someone new, which we later discover is to be an artist (74). Stephen felt isolated from his family, that he felt he was a foster child among them, and that pushed him away from them. It made him be more independent and on his own because he could not relate to the people at his own home (106). He thought himself destined to learn of his own wisdom and the wisdom of the world by wondering it and finding it out for himself (167). Stephen often set himself aside from the vast majority of others; he was faced with a decision to sign a testimonial peace paper with the rest of the students around, and was confronted when he refused to, for he was the only one that would not because he wasn’t at all interested in such a matter (199). Later, Davin questions Stephen’s heritage and if he is Irish at all because he had dropped out of Irish class and his league class, thinking Stephen as too prideful. Stephen tells the boys with him that he shouldn’t have to embrace his Irish heritage if his ancestors gave up their Irish ways for those of the English. The past Irish let people they didn’t know come into their country and take over a lot of their culture, and Stephen doesn’t think that it is his responsibility to take part of their
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