The Portrayal Analysis Of Emma Watson : Gender Equality

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Gender equality is one of the most controversial issue and has vacillated for centuries throughout the countries. Due to the belligerent contestation, many public figures try to steer clear of the issue as they worry the detrimental effect on their reputation, yet this is not the case for Emma Watson. The smart and adorable wizard, Hermione Granger in the film of “Harry Potter” has now transformed to Women Goodwill Ambassador of the UN advocating gender equality. On September 20th 2014, Emma Watson gave a speech at the U.N. headquarters in New York to launch the “He for She” campaign. The objective of the campaign is to raise the public awareness about feminism and encourage the men to be part of the feminism. She successfully delivered her speech eloquently by applying few key techniques which include the evocation of audiences’ emotions, the verification of her credibility, and the reinforcement of her arguments through statistics and facts.

Intelligent is one of the most well-known characteristic of Hermione Granger, likewise Emma Watson in the real world not only has a splendid achievement in acting career but also a high academic qualification in Brown University. She gains the credibility with her popularity as an actress and recognition of her judiciousness. Nevertheless, on the flip side of being a movie star, audiences will question her role and qualification as an UN’s ambassador. Celebrity fronted campaign can sometimes dilute the veracious purpose of the
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