The Portrayal Of A Female Character

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From helpless damsel in distresses to powerful superheroines, female characters in comics have sure made it a long way. They have gone from underdeveloped supporting characters, such as the love interest or sidekick to someone who owns the spotlight with their combat skills and superpowers. This shift in portrayal is being acknowledged and praised by many comic book readers who have been hoping for a very long time that females will one day become more realistically portrayed. However, despite this, there are still a select few who choose to shift the focus away from the impact superheroines are having and instead focus on their flaws and what they still consider to be “wrong” with their portrayal. The main flaw being their appearance, specifically their unrealistic body types, readers and nonreaders of comics each have their own opinion on how a female character should be portrayed and they aren’t afraid to fight for it. Jill Lepore, a Harvard professor and staff writer at The New Yorker, shares her opinions on the new Marvel comic entitled A Force in her controversial article published in The New Yorker. The article is renowned for calling out female superheroes on looking like “porn stars” while highlighting the fact that majority of them have large breasts and slim waists. One notable description is that of Sister Grimm as Lepore describes her as “a goth girl [with] fishnet stockings [and a] purple-and-black bustier” (para 5). It is easy to agree with Lepore’s statement
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