The Portrayal Of African American Women

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Jazmin Avalos WGS 321 – Outline Assignment Outline for Chapter 4 Thesis: The portrayal of African American women as stereotypical mammies, matriarchs, welfare recipients, and hot mommas helps justify U.S. Black women’s oppression. Outline: 1. The objectification of black women as the other a. Advocating the imagery of U.S. Black women as the Other provides ideological thinking justification for race, gender, and class oppression. (Page 77) i. Binary thinking shapes understandings of human difference. Objectification is central to this process of oppositional thinking. b. Culture is defined as the opposite of an objectified nature. (Page 78) i. Defining people of color as less human, animalistic, or more “natural” denies African peoples subjectivity and supports the political economy of domination that characterized slavery, colonialism, and neocolonialism. c. Domination always involves attempts to objectify the subordinate group. (Page 78) i. The treatment of U.S. Black women domestic workers objectifies them as if they were animals or mules, represents one form of objectification. d. Oppositional binaries rarely represent different but equal relationships, they are inherently unstable. (Page 78) i. The foundations of intersecting oppressions become grounded in interdependent concepts of binary thinking, oppositional difference, objectification, and social hierarchy. 2. Controlling images and black women’s oppression. a. The dominant ideology of the slave era fostered
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