The Portrayal Of Female Students

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When I was a high school student, this comic was really popular among the male students. Almost all of the male students really loved this comic for three reasons. First, this comic was the first romance comic targeted at young men. Before the emergence of this comic, every romance comic had targeted young women. Second, the female characters were really beautiful, so readers could get vicarious satisfaction. In my case, when I was in high school, I had a lot of interest in love, girls and sex, and it was possible to get vicarious satisfaction from this comic. Finally, the author’s artistic abilities were amazing. The author could especially paint female characters’ thighs and hips very beautifully and attractively. Almost all of the readers of this comic were male students with a lot of interest in women’s bodies, which could make this comic a huge success. The hero of this comic was an ordinary student in a high school. He loved a beautiful classmate in his class, but she was very famous and popular in his school. One day, he had an opportunity to be closed to her accidently, and could be a closed friend with her. In a Christmas, he confessed his romantic felling for her, and finally he and the heroine became a couple. However, there were a lot of people wanted to interrupt and disturb their relationship, and furthermore the heroine started to work as a model. As I already mentioned, the hero was an ordinary student, so it was not easy to keep the relationship with the…
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