The Portrayal Of Gay And Gay

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Over the last few decades, our society went through a huge transformation in culture, politics and media that no one else could have foreseen. There is an obvious increase in the acceptance of homosexuality. Even though lesbian and gay people have gradually moved onto the stage in growing numbers, there are still some problems exist in the ways that media perpetuate homosexual stereotypes. According to an article by Chong-suk Han, “The subjective storytelling found in ‘journalistic’ pieces reinforces social inequalities by ‘forstering such feelings of collective belonging—based on class, gender, sexual preference, subcultural lifestyle or whatever’”(Chong-suk Han, 2008). Nowadays, the media plays an important role in carrying and transforming the new cultural ideas toward the whole society, few could ignore the existence of lesbian and gay people. In order to prevent discriminating them from the other groups, more accurate representation of homosexuals should be provide on the mainstream media. This content analysis paper will focus on analyzing the portrayal of gay characters in TV shows. The subjects of this analysis are 10 characters from six recent TV shows I specifically picked form ABC, FOX, CBS and the CW TV. Each of these shows has at least one gay character that is important elements in the whole storyline. The reason why I picked these six shows is that I watched every episode of all these shows and I believe my clear understanding of each
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